Commercial Services


Commercial insurance contracts are by necessity and by design, incredibly complicated.  Unfortunately the only time many business owners have read them is after a business interrupting disaster. In times of disaster there are many things that a business owner is concentrating on and too many times are at a loss to follow any course but the one charted by their insurance company. The problem is that insurance is a business and as we all know, a successful business must keep costs to a minimum. It is all too common that the settlement outcome of disaster is much more favorable to the insurance company than the client. Prompt, thorough and ultimately, fair claims are the only objective of Broward Public Adjusters. There is a lot of competing information around the subject of insurance coverage and insurance claims preparation and we have created a forum where we answer your questions free of charge.

We only ask for the opportunity to be fully considered when it becomes time that you need rigorous protection of an insurance claim outcome that is fair to you, not the insurance company. We do have costs of doing business and keeping up with the latest legal developments in the arena of disaster recovery. The good news is that we work only on a contingency basis and receive fair compensation after we win the proper recovery amount to which you are entitled by law.

Broward Public Adjusters have a solid reputation of success both with our client base and as respected professionals in the insurance industry. We will not be intimidated by big insurance companies and are comfortable protecting your interests across the insurance boardroom table. It is our responsibility to aggressively represent your insurance claim throughout all negotiations and meetings. Our clients leave nearly all of the details to us from arranging meetings with contractors and insurance company adjusters to the many hours necessary to prepare inventories and document damaged or lost property. Finally the most critical step is calculating the price for all insured damaged items. This is where our experience and respected reputation shine the most as we understand what is expected of the insured and deliver.

The mission at Broward Public Adjusters is to help ensure your company re-establish your claim situation as it was before the occurrence of any loss. Our team provides its experienced assistance in preparing the comprehensive insurance forms and all other documents that our clients receive. As with any challenging endeavor, experience counts, and you can count on us.

The clients of Broward Public Adjusters have full access to our online claim system and can track the status of their project 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Commercial Services;

  • Bid comparison and analysis
  • Schedules of leasehold improvements and betterments (“LIB”)
  • Valuation for replacement and actual cash value (“ACV”)
  • Itemized contents inventory
  • Replacement value vs. restoration
  • Equipment and machinery appraisals
  • Depreciation tables
  • Business interruption (“BI”)
  • Loss of earnings
  • Co-insurance calculations
  • Blanket coverage requirements
  • Preparation and filing proof of loss
  • Extra expense evaluation and presentation

You may ask any question regarding these services by clicking on the contact page.

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